1. Are there any “proper storage requirements that help the ingredients hold their potency?”

For best results, store in a dark, cool place.

2. I noticed that when I opened my new jar, some separation had occurred. Is this normal?

Although rare, because this product is made from natural essential oils, it can happen. Stir with small spoon or paddle to recombine.

3. Are your products available in retail stores?

Yes, in addition to our website, products can now be purchased in finer stores and boutiques. Please periodically check our Facebook page for new locations.

4. Are your products available in Europe? Do you have a store there?

Yes, we do sell and ship our products to European countries as well as Canada, Mexico, South America, Australia, Israel and the UAE. We do not have any brick and mortar outlets anywhere but the United States at this time.

5. Do you make products in addition to the Virginia Bee and Queen Ann’s lines of natural cosmetics?

We will soon be adding body scrubs, lip balms, and skin creams, and we’re constantly experimenting with wonderful new, natural scents in all of our products. Check our Facebook page for the latest innovations.

6. Why should I buy Virginia Bee products?

Immodestly, because we believe you’re going to love how they make you look and feel!

Also, we hope you can feel good about doing business with us. We try to be really good corporate citizens and stewards of the environment. In addition to meeting rigorous environmental certifications, we give back to our community, through To Be Announced, an organization dedicated to protecting and fostering honey bees, which are so critical to the overall health and sustainability of our planet.