Virginia Bee Company Natural Cosmetics are taking the skin-care industry by swarm!

These all-natural, locally sourced, organic products will make a difference in your skin — in many cases from the first application — that you’ll have to see to bee-leive.

The unique, patented process of infusing hemp oil with acai — and just the right tincture of our organic Queen Ann’s honey — results in a cream that is calming, renourishing and revitalizing. Virginia Bee Natural Cosmetics plump, hydrate, and blend quickly and seamlessly into the skin for a finish that is smooth and radiant.

The Queen Ann’s Natural Cosmetics line features the added ingredient of neroli oil — an exclusive, luxurious, world-renowned extract that is steam-harvested from the blossoms of the bitter orange citrus tree. (It takes one thousand pounds of orange blossom to make a single pound of oil, which is why it is such a rare, expensive, and highly valued concentrate.) Neroli oil has been used medicinally and cosmetically since ancient times, popularized in the 17th century by the influential princess of the Italian city Nerola (hence its name). This essential oil has been shown to revitalize skin, stimulate cell regeneration, reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles. It is also credited with being an effective anti-oxidant and anti-microbial, increasing skin elasticity, and calming and correcting dry, red, irritated skin. As an added (but not insignificant!) bonus, its citrus-fresh scent is divine.

Both lines — the Virginia Bee Natural Cosmetics and The Queen Ann’s Natural Cosmetics — are rich, luxurious creams organically emulsified for a pure, clean, light and natural look and feel.

Coming through history


It all started here. In 1622 the first colonies of American honeybees were shipped from England to Yorktown, Virginia.

From there, human-assisted migration took them throughout the other colonies and ultimately westward of the Mississippi. The early American honeybee population benefitted greatly from mass immigration in the 17th and 18th centuries, as Europeans brought centuries of beekeeping expertise.

Bee-ing good stewards


Our products are locally, sustainably sourced, using organic ingredients and small-batch production processes to further insure the purity and quality of everything that bears our name. Virginia Bee formulators continually research, test and innovate to be responsive to customer preferences, harness leading-edge science and employ best- practices.